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Autism and Early Intervention

Autism Awareness ribbonWhen a parent hears the word “Autism” it can cause enormous concern about their child’s future.  But there is more hope now than ever!  There are significant and effective resources that provide hope to thousands of parents. Every child’s needs and abilities are different and particularly with children on the Autism Spectrum, a unique approach is required.  At teli, Early Intervention enables our specially trained therapists to identify the unique challenges facing a child and develop a specialized care plan for their needs.

You have a choice for your child’s Early Intervention Services. Make teli your provider of choice. Call 412-922-8322 to learn more.

How do I know if my child is on the Autism Spectrum?

Trained health care professionals have learned to recognize some of the potential signs.  Parents may first notice that their child may be acting slightly different from their peers and wondering if they should be concerned.  Some of the “red flags” that a parent may see include the following:

  • Absence of smiles or other engaging expressions by six months
  • Lack of babbling by 12 months of age
  • No words by 16 months
  • No interest in exchanging back and forth sounds or smiles with others by nine months
  • No use of gestures such as pointing, waving or reaching by 12 months of age
  • Does not consistently follow simple directions relating to his/her daily routine
  • No interest in interacting with others
  • Does not respond to their name when called
  • Any loss of communication abilities or regression in social skills

If your child is displaying any of these signs, it is important to speak with your pediatrician immediately to explain your concern. Getting help for your child early is an important step! Early Intervention support can provide the necessary assessment and therapy that your child may need to address their challenges.

What kind of help does Early Intervention provide?

Treatment for a child on the Autism Spectrum may vary based on their unique needs and age. At teli , our multidisciplinary staff includes Physical Therapists, Speech Therapist Occupational Therapists as well as Developmental Specialists to work with your child. Early Intervention services are provided free of charge, in your home and may include the following certain features:

  • Structured, therapeutic activities provided by teli’s highly trained professional therapists with expertise in autism therapy.
  • Focused therapy in the core areas of social skills, language and communication, imitation, play skills, family routine and motor skills.
  • Opportunities to interact with typically developing peers.
  • Active involvement and coaching of parents in their child’s care.

Hope for the future… Early Intervention is essential for a strong foundation of learning for a child on the Autism Spectrum.  If you are concerned about your child, a health care provider can help! Early Intervention Services can help your child progress toward reaching developmental milestones to enable them to reach their full potential.

You have a choice for your child’s Early Intervention Services. Make teli your provider of choice. Call 412-922-8322 to learn more.

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