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Mom pushing child around living room in laundry basket while child laughs and smiles

Get Moving with Early Intervention

Swinging your arms. Reaching for toys. Taking a ride across the living room floor in a laundry basket boat. Movement is vital in helping little ones to grow and learn. The pediatric physical therapists at teli have expertise in motor skills and movement concerns. When babies and toddlers move, they strengthen muscles. This gross motor...
Mom creating fall crafts with young children, toddler and baby-age.

How Arts & Crafts Can Be a Fun and Beneficial Early Intervention Activity

Arts and crafts can be a fun and beneficial activity as part of early intervention therapies. Learn more about how these activities can be helpful and fun for your child.
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Early Intervention Works

For infants and children with developmental delays, early intervention can dramatically change the trajectory of their future. The Early Learning Institute (teli) has been a trusted provider of early intervention services in Western Pennsylvania for more than 60 years. Early intervention is the system of services that identifies and treats developmental delays and potential disabilities...
Child playing with blocks and shapes

Developmental Milestones (Ages 2-3)

Brain development happens more in the first few years of life than at any other time. As babies and toddlers learn, their growth is measured by the age when they meet developmental milestones. For any number of reasons, that growth can become delayed. When developmental delays are identified and addressed through early intervention, the impact...
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Developmental Milestones (Ages 1-2)

Children who fall behind in meeting developmental milestones often qualify for no-cost early intervention services. Early intervention helps young children who are facing developmental challenges to master skills through purposeful play. With more than 60 years of experience serving families, the early intervention experts at teli are highly trained at identifying each child’s strengths, setting...
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Developmental Milestones (9-12 Months)

Developmental milestones are skills and abilities that most children can master by a certain age. Early intervention helps children ages 0-3 with developmental delays to achieve age-appropriate milestones. Early intervention is provided at no cost to families and is proven to improve outcomes for young children as they grow and learn. For more than 60...
Three moms with their infants sitting on couch

Developmental Milestones (3-6 Months)

Children are active learners from infancy. They continuously absorb information about themselves and the world around them, using that knowledge to develop and grow. Although children learn differently, they should be able to achieve a variety of developmental milestones by a certain age. Not meeting milestones is an indicator that a child may be experiencing...
Addressing Infant Feeding Challenges through Early Intervention

Addressing Infant Feeding Challenges through Early Intervention

Early Intervention Feeding Strategies Authored by: Jennifer (Krandel) Schreiner, teli Occupational Therapist Is your infant having difficulty when bottle or breast feeding? Sitting down with your infant in your lap and nursing or bottle feeding your infant can be a special time shared between parent and child. While it appears to be calming, feeding is a...
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Taking the Mystery Out of Early Intervention

Parents often have lots of questions when their child is faced with developmental challenges. As an Early Intervention provider, teli often receives requests and calls from parents with these exact questions about Early Intervention. They are concerned about their child and possible developmental delays and they are calling for information because their health care provider...
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