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teli provides informative posts on the impact of early intervention. Get your questions answered regarding why EI is so valuable for child developmental milestones.

toys and child development

Child Development & Your Child’s Favorite Toys

By: Debbie Fekos, teli Occupational Therapist Did you know your child’s toy box is a great place to look to help your child develop vital skills such as fine and gross motor skills? Yes, a single toy can help your child develop a variety of skills. As your child grows, they begin to build upon...
Speech teletherapy

teli Teletherapy for Early Intervention Speech & Language Pathology

By Kristen Lang, teli Speech Therapist Understanding teli’s teletherapy during COVID-19 Your child has been approved for Early Intervention and you want to get started.  Learn about teli’s speech & language pathology teletherapy sessions. What does a teli Speech Therapy teletherapy session look like? A Speech Therapist (ST) is focused on assessing and enhancing a...
teletherapy developmental instruction

teli Teletherapy for Early Intervention Developmental Instruction

By Kelley Filson, teli Developmental Specialist Understanding teli’s teletherapy during COVID-19 Your child has been approved for Early Intervention and you want to get started.  Learn about teli’s developmental instruction teletherapy sessions. What does a teli Developmental Instruction teletherapy look like? A Developmental Specialist works with families to help parents understand their child’s behavior and...
Speech teletherapy

teli Offers Teletherapy During COVID-19

Don’t let COVID-19 put your child’s Early Intervention therapy on hold! teli offers Early Intervention teletherapy with our professional staff of physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech and language pathologists, and developmental instructors. Where does the teletherapy take place? You and your child can get started in the safety of your own home and all you...
Jace early intervention success story

Early Intervention and Autism – A Testimony of Hope for a Child’s Future

 Reviewed & Edited by:M. Rebecca DiLettuso, MSW, Executive Director Growing up with an Autism diagnosis adds a whole new dimension to the lives of a child and their family.  However, with strong family support and Early Intervention, a child can achieve their true potential with encouraging results. A teli Alumni with an Autism diagnosis has...
early invervention evaluations

Child Developmental Concerns? Consider an Early Intervention Evaluation

By Lea Uhl, teli Speech Language Pathologist Child development during the first three years of life has an enormous impact on a child’s achievements later in life.  So how do you insure your child is developing within those guidelines? To help parents and their child, an Early Intervention Evaluation is a service funded by the...
blind sports for visually impaired children

Providing Resources for Visually Impaired Children

Edited and reviewed by Becky DiLettuso, MSW Executive Director Getting involved in sports for young children is a way to explore, learn teamwork, get great exercise AND have fun! We know that for young children with vision impairment, participating in sports might be challenging. A nonprofit organization, Envision Blind Sports is addressing this challenge and...
Transitioning from Early Intervention to Preschool

Transitioning Your Child from Early Intervention to Preschool

Reviewed & Edited by: Becky DiLettuso, MSW, Executive Director Change is difficult, especially for a child with developmental delays. As any parent knows, the transition from a child under your watchful eye at all times to entrusting your child to another caregiver can be a bit scary.  You know what they want, you understand their needs...

Three Steps when Choosing Child Care

Reviewed & Edited by: Tracy Zeiler, M.Ed., Director of Early Intervention Choosing a child care program is a very personal decision.  It is also a bit overwhelming for parents with many factors to consider in addition to cost. Our teli staff has helped parents with this decision and suggests that there are three steps in the...
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