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teli provides informative posts on the impact of early intervention. Get your questions answered regarding why EI is so valuable for child developmental milestones.


Early Intervention Therapy for Torticollis

Does your child have difficulty turning his or her head or lean their head to one side? Have you ever woken up with a “creek” in your neck and have a hard time turning your head?  The pain restricts your ability to turn to one side and affects your entire posture from how you sit,...

Early Intervention Therapy Impacts Go Beyond the Physical Advantages!

Over the summer, a 5 year old little girl had an idea … a lemonade stand. The big difference in this lemonade stand was where the money was going; not her piggy bank, but to help others!! Morgan, a 5 year old teli alumni, was reminiscing with her mom about her time with her teli...
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Resiliency and Early Brain Development

Studies have shown that stressful childhood experiences, both prior to birth and after birth can have significant impact on the vital brain development of an infant.* Exposure to stressors that cause continual fear and frequent anxiety can disrupt children’s early brain development, resulting in childhood development delays. These stresses can begin in utero through premature...

Hats Off to the Class of 2014!!

Graduation season is upon us! Caps and gowns are tossed high symbolizing achievement! teli  would like to recognize that special time for one of their own and draw attention to the impact that early assessment and early intervention can make! Laura Andreola is a typical 18 year old, a graduating senior who played volley ball,...
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