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teli early intervention therapists have identified specific things to look for and questions you may have with regard to your child’s motor skills and/or movement difficulties.

Mom pushing child around living room in laundry basket while child laughs and smiles

Get Moving with Early Intervention

Swinging your arms. Reaching for toys. Taking a ride across the living room floor in a laundry basket boat. Movement is vital in helping little ones to grow and learn. The pediatric physical therapists at teli have expertise in motor skills and movement concerns. When babies and toddlers move, they strengthen muscles. This gross motor...
Mom creating fall crafts with young children, toddler and baby-age.

How Arts & Crafts Can Be a Fun and Beneficial Early Intervention Activity

Arts and crafts can be a fun and beneficial activity as part of early intervention therapies. Learn more about how these activities can be helpful and fun for your child.
physical therapy teletherapy

teli Teletherapy for Early Intervention Physical Therapy

By Peggy Giesen, teli Physical Therapist Understanding teli’s teletherapy during COVID-19 Your child has been approved for Early Intervention and you want to get started.  Learn about teli’s physical therapy teletherapy sessions. What does teli Physical Therapy teletherapy look like? A Physical Therapist (PT) is focused on helping your child with physical movement and strength...
At Home with Early Intervention

teli Is Your Resource for Child Learning Activities!

teli is your resource for activities to help keep your child learning! teli has gathered a wide range of activities to engage your child not only to reinforce Early Intervention recommendations but to help you and your family play together as we weather this time in our world.  Remember that play is a child’s work!...
Motor Plan Development and Early Intervention

Motor Plan Development and Early Intervention

By Callie Lodico, teli Physical Therapist As children grow they begin to build upon a host of skills that govern strength and movement to develop what physical therapists call a “Motor Plan”. This term describes the mastering of a combination of fine and gross motor skills that coordinate your body’s movement and enable you to...
early intervention child work is their play

Fine Motor Skills in Child Development and Early Intervention

Are you wondering if your child’s development is where it needs to be?  teli knows that is a question that many parents often have when they observe other children’s behavior.  An early concern might be a child’s ability to pick up a Cheerio or grasp your finger.  These are some of the fine motor skills...

Early Intervention’s Impact on Toe Walking

Should I Be Concerned if My Child is Toe Walking? By: Alex Beschorner, teli Occupational Therapist and Cindi Hobbes, teli Physical Therapist Why do kids walk on their tip toes? Is toe walking something to be concerned about? Toe walking or walking on the toes or the ball of the foot, is common in children who are...
baby toddler standing

Feel at Home with Early Intervention – Walking

Authored by: Mary Welage, teli Pediatric Physical Therapist Developmental Milestone: Walking and Early Intervention When should my child begin to walk? Parents are very focused on two goals: walking and talking.  Physical therapists providing Early Intervention services often hear concerns from parents on a regular basis about the timing of walking for their child.  It...

Feel at Home with Early Intervention – Crawling

Authored By: Mary Welage, Pediatric Physical Therapist A child’s life is full of firsts…  the first time they smile, the first time they roll over and many more. One of the important developmental milestones that parents often express concern regarding their child’s ability to begin to move by crawling and then eventually walking. Early Intervention...
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