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baby speech development

Baby Speech Development – Communication Without Words

By Kim Morrow, Developmental Specialist Communication is an essential part of everyone’s world.  How you interact with others or how you express your needs are all important ways in which you relate to others in your environment.  While adults and children use words, babies communicate very effectively from birth without words. Infants express themselves through...
early intervention child work is their play

Fine Motor Skills in Child Development and Early Intervention

Are you wondering if your child’s development is where it needs to be?  teli knows that is a question that many parents often have when they observe other children’s behavior.  An early concern might be a child’s ability to pick up a Cheerio or grasp your finger.  These are some of the fine motor skills...

Avoid Meltdowns on Your Next Outing with Your Child

By Kim Morrow, teli Developmental Specialist and Jacquelyn Svitek, teli Occupational Therapist Planning an outing with your family? Trips to the park or the library or just the grocery store can be enjoyable for all involved.   For some children, a new experience or visiting a new place may be so exciting they may become overwhelmed...
child sensory backpack

Creating a Sensory Backpack for your Child

By Kim Morrow, teli Developmental Specialist and Jacquelyn Svitek, teli Occupational Therapist Traveling to new places can be very exciting for a family. However, a journey outside the home for some children who may seek or avoid stimulation can lead to a stressful situation for both the parent and the child.  You know your child...
can you spoil your baby?

Can You Spoil Your Baby?

Contributors:  Kay Donovan, Physical Therapist; Laura Funk, Occupational Therapist; Kristi Keele, Speech Language Pathologist; and Dee Sieffert, Developmental Specialist You are home with your newborn baby, and you are both getting used to each other. You are trying to understand their signals for basic needs; when they are hungry, wet or tired.  A baby’s cry...
Transitioning from Early Intervention to Preschool

Transitioning Your Child from Early Intervention to Preschool

Change is difficult, especially for a child with developmental delays. As any parent knows, the transition from a child under your watchful eye at all times to entrusting your child to another caregiver can be a bit scary.  You know what they want, you understand their needs and you know their schedule. What challenges do...

Three Steps when Choosing Child Care

Reviewed & Edited by: Tracy Zeiler, M.Ed., Director of Early Intervention Choosing a child care program is a very personal decision.  It is also a bit overwhelming for parents with many factors to consider in addition to cost. Our teli staff has helped parents with this decision and suggests that there are three steps in the...

Early Intervention in the Treatment of Autism

A Young Man’s Successful Journey! High school can be tough… the social circles, the academic pressure, the peer pressure.  It can be difficult for any child, but a child with an Autism diagnosis?  That adds a whole new level of challenge.  All because of Early Intervention Services provided more than 10 years ago by teli,...

Concerned About Your Child and Autism?

Are you concerned that something just doesn’t seem right with your child? Have you talked to your health care professional about concerns such as your child’s lack of babbling, or poor visual connections with you, or oversensitivity to touch? While these are potential red flags for autism, there are no specific medical tests that can...
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