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teli early intervention therapists have identified specific things to look for and questions you may have with regard to your child’s sensory challenges.

Early Intervention for Children with Autism

Early Intervention Therapy in Autism provides an enormous advantage for a child. Did you know that April is Autism Awareness month? At teli we recognize the parents and their children diagnosed with autism. We also acknowledge the outstanding work of the teli therapists helping those children reach new heights! An early diagnosis can be valuable...
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Sensory Integration Challenges with Children

Early Intervention: Sensory Integration Challenges with Children Why does my child shy away from playing or interacting with other children? There is nothing like a loving hug from your child or that embrace as little ones squeal with joy as they embrace another child their age! But for some children, the touch, the noise, or...

Help for Children with Sensory Difficulties

Does your child have difficulty reacting to their environment and you aren’t sure what to do? Your senses can provide such joy!  Feeling the touch of a loved one, listening to music, embracing a family member, seeing a familiar face are pleasurable experiences that we might take for granted. However, for some children as early...
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