Child Developmental Concerns

Looking for answers to questions about your child’s development that might be troubling you? You have come to the right place!

Your child’s development is unique to your child and yes, every child progresses at their own rate.  Developmental Milestones provide a guide, so you know if your child is on track or may be experiencing developmental delays.

You know your child better than anyone and sometimes you see things that might just not seem right. Perhaps your family or a close friend has mentioned something to you concerning your child’s behavior.   While it may be difficult to hear, there is help and lots of hope! Taking that first step to discuss your concerns with your health provider early in the process is vitally important.  And the next step, Early Intervention Services, are available at no cost to you to help your child.

To assist you, teli therapists have identified specific things to look for and questions you may have. Explore the following categories to find the answers you need:

How do I get help?

How Can We Help You?

teli provides therapeutic Early Intervention for children birth to 3. We're here to help every child reach their potential! Early Intervention