Child Nutrition Services

Early Intervention Child Nutrition Services

Is your child not gaining weight as they should and lagging behind on their growth chart? Are you experiencing feeding issues with your child that you are not sure how to handle?

Early Intervention Nutrition Services for children from teli can provide the proper guidance to address your child development concerns.  Good nutrition is particularly important in the first three years of life, requiring essential nutrient and calorie intake for mind and body development.  A child with developmental delays often has a number of contributing factors that challenge their ability to eat and teli looks at your child’s development concerns holistically.

  • Children Nutrition Services focus on identifying feeding skills, feeding problems, food habits and food preferences and in turn tailor a plan to ensure nutritional balance.
  • teli provides early intervention Child Nutritional Services in the Pittsburgh / Western PA area to help families adapt to their child’s needs with  a wide range of specially designed techniques to make meal time a  success for your child.
  • In conjunction with teli Speech Therapists and Pediatric Occupational Therapists, a Nutritionist can assess the child and address their particular nutritional needs.

Why teli?

  • teli provides Nutritionists specializing in children with developmental delays to ensure that you and  your child build a relationship with a care giver, an essential part of your child’s ability to thrive.
  • teli Child Nutrition Services are provided in the location of your choice… your home, your day care… to ensure it is comfortable for you and your child, as well as provide additional early intervention therapies that are appropriate for their daily environment.
  • teli Early Intervention therapists are some of the most prepared, devoted and caring health care providers helping children with developmental delays many with more than 20 years of experience.  Parents of children with developmental delays look to teli for help.

teli Early Intervention Therapies in the Pittsburgh / Western PA area:  In addition to Child Nutrition Services, teli provides Pediatric Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy for children, Developmental Therapy, Vision Services, Hearing Therapy, as well as Family Social Work and Community Services.

Accessing teli Services