Choosing an Early Intervention Provider? The choice is yours!

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By: Nichole Merz, Early Intervention Coordinator

Are you concerned about your child’s development? Do they appear to be missing some of the milestones that you may notice in other children? For over 60 years, teli has been supporting children and their families through Early Intervention Services.

What exactly is Early Intervention?

Early Intervention provides children ages 0 to 3 years with services to address specific developmental delays, all at no cost to you. For instance, if your child has difficulty lifting their head or is struggling with speech or crawling, a variety of therapies are available. Services such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech and language pathology, and developmental therapy work together to help your child reach important developmental milestones.

Why should I choose teli for Early Intervention Services?

Trusting your child’s care is an important decision. Our highly-trained and compassionate Early Intervention experts at teli can and will help your child achieve his/her full potential. At teli, we pride ourselves on listening and working with the entire family to incorporate your child’s care into your family routine.

  • teli Perspective:  We support hope. We understand children with developmental delays and we believe in your child. While others may tell you what you child won’t do, we believe in showing you what they can do!
  • teli Experience:  We have positively impacted thousands of lives using the most effective Early Intervention techniques as well as listening to our families every step of the way.
  • teli Staff: With an average of 10+ years working with children with developmental delays, our team truly makes a difference. We help to change families’ lives.
  • teli Commitment:  teli is a partner for life. No matter the challenge, our therapists will do everything possible to ensure your child gets the proper Early Intervention services they need.

How do I choose teli as my Early Intervention provider?

Step 1.  Share your concern regarding your child’s development with your health care provider and request a referral for Early Intervention Services.

Step 2. Call the Alliance for Infants and Toddlers at 412-885-6000 to talk to a Service Coordinator who will help to determine whether your child needs a developmental assessment.

Step 3:  Schedule an evaluation with the Alliance for Infants and Toddlers to identify the services your child may need.

Step 4:  Choose teli for Early Intervention Services. Our dedicated team of professionals is ready to build a relationship that will help your child reach their fullest potential.

Remember that you have a choice for your child’s Early Intervention Services. Make teli your provider of choice. Call 412-922-8322 to learn more.

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