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Children are active learners from infancy. They continuously absorb information about themselves and the world around them, using that knowledge to develop and grow.

Although children learn differently, they should be able to achieve a variety of developmental milestones by a certain age. Not meeting milestones is an indicator that a child may be experiencing a developmental delay.

The Early Intervention Experts at teli

At teli, our early childhood experts fully understand the developmental stages of children from birth to age 3.

Your Child at 3-6 Months

At 3 months, does your child:

  • Try to make eye contact? Smile at you? Like to snuggle?
  • React to loud sounds, calm to a familiar voice, and coo or gurgle when content?
  • Kick their arms and legs when lying on their back and lift their head when on their tummy?
  • Like to look at faces or contrasting objects (black and white)? Follow you with their eyes?
  • Suck and swallow well from breast or bottle? Enjoy sucking on things like their hand or pacifier?

At 6 months, will your child:

  • Respond differently to strangers or with excitement at seeing their own reflection in the mirror?
  • Babble? Turn their head to find sounds? Make different sounds to voice delight or displeasure?
  • Roll from back to tummy, bear weight on legs when held to stand, and reach for nearby objects?
  • Show interest in grasping toys, shaking or banging them, and exploring them with their mouth?
  • Anticipate daily activities like being fed and use their hands to support a bottle?

For more information about developmental milestones and how the early intervention experts at teli use them to measure growth in children ages 0-3, view our child development stages resource.

You have a choice when selecting your early intervention provider – remember to choose teli.

Did you know? teli is now an affiliate of The Children’s Institute of Pittsburgh. Read more here.

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