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Developmental milestones are skills and abilities that most children can master by a certain age.

Early intervention helps children ages 0-3 with developmental delays to achieve age-appropriate milestones. Early intervention is provided at no cost to families and is proven to improve outcomes for young children as they grow and learn.

For more than 60 years, the experts at teli have been providing exceptional services in a young child’s most comfortable environment – inside their home.

At 9 months, will your child:

  • Play games like peek-a-boo? Become upset when you leave the room?
  • Communicate through gestures like waving and pause at hearing “No”? String together common sounds like “mamama” or “dadada”?
  • Sit up briefly without support, scoot forward on their tummy, and stand with support?
  • Imitate gestures and sounds? Look for a toy they drop or you hide while they watch?
  • Pick up small objects or pieces of food and eat pureed/soft food from a spoon?

At 12 months, is your child:

  • Developing a sense of humor? Copying your everyday activities? Expressing likes and dislikes?
  • Following simple commands, trying to get your attention, babbling, and saying a word or two?
  • Pulling up to stand, walking holding furniture, clapping hands, pointing/poking with a finger?
  • Moving objects in and out of containers? Mastering simple cause and effect toys? Rolling a ball?
  • Holding out an arm or leg to help with dressing? Finger-feeding bite-sized foods? Drinking from an open cup with help (or a toddler cup on their own)?

For more information, view Understanding Your Child’s Developmental Stages, developed by the experts at teli. Our team at teli works together to help your child achieve their full potential.

You have a choice when selecting your early intervention provider – remember to choose teli.

Did you know? teli is now an affiliate of The Children’s Institute of Pittsburgh. Read more here.

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