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Child playing with blocks and shapes

Brain development happens more in the first few years of life than at any other time.

As babies and toddlers learn, their growth is measured by the age when they meet developmental milestones. For any number of reasons, that growth can become delayed.

When developmental delays are identified and addressed through early intervention, the impact on a child’s future can be profound.

The early childhood experts at teli compiled a helpful resource – Understanding Your Child’s Developmental Stages – which documents developmental milestones in children from birth through age 3.

As partners in this journey, our trained therapists at teli help to nurture the strengths of each child to reach new developmental stages.

At 30 months, does your child:

  • Watch and imitate other children playing? Enjoy make believe and dress-up play?
  • Use many words, including two- or three-word phrases, and follow two-step directions?
  • Walk stairs while holding the railing? Jump, turn a doorknob, and string a large bead?
  • Sort by shape or color, describe something they created, or pretend one thing is another?
  • Take off most clothing? Use a fork to feed themselves? Help to put things away?

At 36 months, will your child:

  • Interactively play in small groups? Follow simple rules and test boundaries?
  • Speak understandably most of the time, and ask questions?
  • Walk up stairs with alternating feet? Snip with scissors? Catch a large ball using arms and chest?
  • Hold a crayon or pencil with fingertips, copy drawing a circle, and turn book pages one by one?
  • Put on clothes? Show interest in learning to use the toilet? State their first and last name?

Are you concerned about your child’s development? teli’s early intervention services are provided to you in-home or via telehealth, at no cost to your family. Get connected today.

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Did you know? teli is now an affiliate of The Children’s Institute of Pittsburgh. Read more here.

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