Help us make an impact on children’s lives TODAY!

In 1958, a group of parents saw a need and took action. They believed that their children with special needs deserved more. And so teli was born from the vision of parents who believed in the possibilities within their children, and today, teli continues to believe in the possibility of every child.

Why your donation is important!

Every year, teli provides early intervention from the Pittsburgh area as well as all of Allegheny and Washington Counties. Through your support, we can help children achieve critical milestones such as walking, speaking and feeding themselves and preparing them for the future.

How can your donation help?

Your donation can make an enormous difference to directly support teli’s work with children!

  • $25 will purchase feeding equipment for a child- providing parents with the tools to fulfill their most basic need – help to feed their child!
  • $50 will purchase 120 packs of Theraputty to help a child refine their fine motor skills, enabling them to  pick up a toy and grip their mother’s hand!
  • $100 will purchase 35 communication boards to help a child begin to form their first sounds and pronounce their first words for their family!
  • $500 will purchase an iPad for the therapists to use with a child to improve speech and coordination  and reinforce  with  parents how technology can help their child improve!

We are asking YOU to take action today!

Your support is needed more than ever! These are challenging times, and our early intervention services are facing serious cutbacks. But teli has always been there for children – then, now and always and has never turned away a single child because of lack of funding.

How Can We Help You?

teli provides therapeutic Early Intervention for children birth to 3. We're here to help every child reach their potential! Early Intervention