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Early Intervention – the Enormous Difference Maker in Your Child’s Development

Early Intervention & Your Child's DevelopmentBecoming a parent, especially for the first time, is a very exciting time!  Your child is learning so many new things…. and so are you!  But what if you look around and notice that your child isn’t progressing like their peers?

Importance of Early Intervention in Addressing Developmental Delays

Gina, a new mom had just that experience. “Our daughter Teagan was growing and developing nicely, but I noticed that there was something about her ability to move that wasn’t like other infants her age,” reflected Gina. “Her fine motor skill such as reaching and grabbing objects was on par, but at 6 months,   she had difficulty bearing weight on her legs. She would cry when we would attempt to hold her hands to encourage her to support herself.”

Gina decided that she wanted to understand how to get Teagan the help she needed.”  I asked our pediatrician about Teagan receiving Early Intervention Services. I wanted to give Teagan every opportunity to develop on par with her peers,” notes Gina.

Dealing with a childhood developmental delay that your child is experiencing is extremely difficult for parents. Understandably, initially Gina was nervous about the next step and choosing the right provider for Teagan. An evaluation through the Alliance was that first step, after which it became clear that Teagan would benefit from Early Intervention therapy.  “We chose teli and have never looked back.  It was a great fit, our therapist Patty Ross was so patient, so helpful and so comforting to Teagan as well as my husband and I,” reflected Gina.

Early Intervention Integration at Home and in Day Care

Patty Ross, a teli Physical Therapist, began to work with Teagan in her home. “Patty was a great fit! She helped us through the challenges Teagan was experiencing. It definitely wasn’t easy, and Teagan cried during every session in the beginning, and as a parent that was hard to watch,”   remembers Gina.

Patty worked with Teagan and the family at home to integrate the Early Intervention activities into their normal routine. “We really learned how to help Teagan at home.  We were part of her trials and tribulations, as well as her successes,” notes Gina. “Patty worked on targeted exercises to strengthen Teagan’s abdominal and chest muscles in addition to her leg muscles to help her learn to crawl and support her weight. We continued to practice those exercises on a daily basis.  Patty challenged Teagan in many ways including putting an object a distance away from her and encouraging her to crawl toward the object. ”

“This was the perfect example of how the Early Intervention coaching model for parents can work beautifully! Gina and Shawn were so diligent and attentive with Teagan with her exercises,” reflected Patty. “A therapist must engage families to repeat and practice Early Intervention activities since we are not with the child at all times. That is the only way improvement can be realized.”

Teagan was also transitioning in day care from the infant room to young toddler room at 13 months.  Gina remembers,” It was so nerve racking! Teagan is a very small child and had to navigate among the other children who were bigger and more mobile. Patty helped us, as well as the day care staff, to be aware of how to support Teagan as she continued to build strength.”

Achieving Developmental Milestones

Gina is extremely encouraged by Teagan’s progress as she has begun to achieve the developmental milestones that have put her on par with her peers.  “Teagan began to crawl by her first birthday and was walking and standing with confidence by 16 months. We have come a long way from the tears at the beginning of her therapy! Early Intervention Services through teli has made an enormous difference in her abilities!” says Gina. “I felt lost and scared at the beginning and you were there. I am so very grateful for your organization!”

Advice for parents facing similar challenges

Realizing your child may have a developmental delay is never easy. However, as Gina has experienced with Teagan, there is support and it is essential to act quickly! “It is important to realize the need and take an active role in the evaluation and daily Early Intervention Activities with your child.  It was hard work for all, but well worth the effort.”

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