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Early Intervention Physical Therapy for Children

Is your child having problems with balance and moving freely?

Is your child having difficulty crawling or taking their first steps?

How can teli help your child through Pediatric Physical Therapy?

Early Intervention Pediatric Physical Therapy services from teli ensure your child has the right resources available to address your child development concerns.  As a child grows, exploring his/her environment though movement is an important connection to learning.  teli’s Pediatric Physical Therapists help children  through the very important transition from being stationary to  moving freely.

  • Pediatric Physical Therapy (PT) focuses on activities that help children learn to move in the natural sequence from lying flat to rolling, sitting, crawling and beyond.  Improving muscle coordination and strength in children with development delays can help to prepare children for healthy physical activity in their everyday life.
  • Our teli Pediatric Physical Therapists in the Pittsburgh / Western Pa area, specialize in working with the family and child through an individualized exercise and treatment plan to improve motor skills.  Our staff can assess your child’s physical limitations needs and ensure the proper Early Intervention Pediatric Physical Therapy support is tailored to your child’s unique environment.
  • teli’s  Early Intervention therapists use innovative and effective Pediatric Physical Therapy treatments and techniques to help your child realize their potential and educate parents to support their child’s progress.

Why choose teli’s Early Intervention Pediatric Physical Therapy?

  • teli employs a staff of Pediatric Physical Therapists to ensure that you and your child build a relationship with a care giver and thrives through continuity of excellent care.
  • teli’s  Physical Therapists complete extensive course work and receive both Undergraduate and Master’s degrees in their specialty in additional to being licensed by the state of Pennsylvania.  Annual continuing education courses insure our Physical Therapists are up to date and aware of the most advanced treatments to make a difference in your child’s therapy.
  • teli Pediatric Physical Therapy services are provided in the location of your choice… your home, your day care… to ensure it is comfortable for you and your child as well as provide early intervention therapies that are appropriate for their daily environment.
  • teli Early Intervention therapists are some of the most prepared,  devoted and caring health care providers helping children with developmental delays, many with more than 20 years of experience.  Parents of children with developmental delays look to teli for help.

Meet our Staff of Pediatric Physical Therapists:

What does a Physical Therapy Session look like?