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Early Intervention Social Workers for Children

Are you struggling with how to manage your child with developmental delays? 

Do you feel stressed and confused about how you can best help them as well as your family?

How can teli help your child through Early Intervention Social Work?

Early Intervention Family and Community Services from teli insure you and your child have the right resources to help address your child’s developmental delays.  teli has been helping children with developmental delays and their families through Family Social Work and Community Services to emotionally support you through the process of getting your child help.  The health of the family is vitally important in your child’s care and teli Family Social Workers help to ensure that you have all the resources to positively impact your child’s developmental needs.

  • Early Intervention Social Work with Children can support families to meet the overall needs of their child, while receiving Early Intervention services. Scheduling therapies and helping navigate resource agencies helps the family focus on the most important thing… their child..
  • teli Early Intervention Social Work with Children and Family  Social Work and Community Services in the Pittsburgh / Western PA area will provide assessment and intervention in the areas of child development, attachment/bonding, mental health issues, coping with family and life stressors.
  • Our teli licensed staff of Family Social Work and Community Service providers can assist family in accessing community resources and agencies. Additionally, our staff has undergone specialized training in trauma-informed care to recognize the symptoms of trauma and to support a family coping with life events such as domestic violence and postpartum depression.

Why Choose teli’s Early Intervention Pediatric Social Workers?

  • teli employs licensed Family and Community Social  Workers to ensure that you,  your child and your family  build a  trusting relationship with a care giver and become an important resource for your child.
  • teli’s  Social Workers complete extensive course work and receive both Undergraduate and Master’s degrees in their specialty.  Annual continuing education courses insure our Social Workers are up to date and aware of the most advanced treatments to make a difference in your child’s therapy.
  • teli Early Intervention Social Work with Children Services  are provided in the location of your choice… your home, your day care… to ensure it is comfortable for you and your child, as well as provide therapies that are appropriate for their daily environment.
  • teli Early Intervention therapists are some of the most prepared, devoted and caring health care providers helping children with developmental delays many with more than 20 years of experience.  Parents of children with developmental delays look to teli for help.

Meet our Family / Child Social Work Staff:

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