Early Intervention Therapy and its Importance in a Child's Future

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Morgan_early intervention therapyMorgan wasn’t sitting up or babbling like other kids and her mother was beginning to get concerned.  Kim was a first time mom and in talking with family and friends, they all reassured her that children develop at their own pace. They provided countless examples of kids who didn’t walk until they were 2 and they were fine. “But I felt strongly that something just wasn’t right, and I wanted to get Morgan the support she needed sooner rather than later, but I wasn’t sure where to turn.” notes Kim.

Getting the Help Early is Essential

Kim scheduled an appointment with her pediatrician and just before the visit happened to see an article in a local parenting magazine about Early Intervention Therapy. The description sounded all too familiar, children not walking, or sitting or speaking based on their age. Kim was determined to get Morgan the help that she needed and spoke with her doctor about getting Early Intervention services.

After an initial assessment, Kim selected teli to provide Early Intervention services based on their reputation. Morgan’s needs were extensive and included physical therapy, occupational therapy, developmental therapy, and speech therapy. Therapy sessions in their home helped Morgan to progress within her normal surroundings which was a big plus for Kim.

“We had amazing support from the teli therapists who came into our home on a regular basis to work with Morgan. They were so patient and helpful with Morgan! They truly became part of our extended family!”  Within a few months, Morgan’s speech had improved to the point that she was on par for children her age. ”

A Success Story!

Morgan has progressed through preschool and is now a 1st grader, involved in Girl Scouts earning badges as a Daisy, and she enjoys singing along with all those Disney favorites! “It has been a long journey but well worth it! Morgan continues to receive Occupational Therapy to help with her fine motor skills such as cutting and writing with her dominant hand.  We are especially excited about her academics; she is off the charts for her age! She loves math and reading and she continues to work on her focus to improve her comprehension, she has made amazing progress.” notes Kim.

Suggestions for Other Parents Facing the Same Situation

Much to the delight of her family, Morgan has achieved numerous age appropriate developmental milestones which all began with the help of teli Early Intervention. Kim has some advice for families facing similar challenges with their child. ” I would encourage any parent to take advantage of the teli Early Intervention, to address any concerns that you might have about your child. Our family is extremely grateful to the teli therapists for the impact they have made in Morgan!”

Morgan is Paying it Forward!
Morgan_early intervention

But the story doesn’t end there. At the early age of five, Morgan decided she wanted to pay it forward.  “How can we help other kids walk like teli helped me Mom? “Over the past 3 years, Morgan has had a lemonade stand to benefit teli with the help of her grandmother Carole. All proceeds, in excess of more than $500 over those 3 years, have been donated to teli to help children like herself achieve new heights through Early Intervention.

Looks like those teli therapists have made quite an impression on this young lady!

Interested in donating to support teli in their mission to help make a positive, lasting difference in the life of a child?

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