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For infants and children with developmental delays, early intervention can dramatically change the trajectory of their future. The Early Learning Institute (teli) has been a trusted provider of early intervention services in Western Pennsylvania for more than 60 years.

Early intervention is the system of services that identifies and treats developmental delays and potential disabilities in infants and toddlers from birth to age three. It is proven to make a substantial impact on a child’s ability to learn and master skills.

At teli, we build relationships with families that provide lifelong benefits for children. We know that early intervention is most effective when teli professionals and parents work together as a team to cultivate positive learning experiences through play and activities of daily living.

Early intervention services currently provided by teli include physical, speech, and occupational therapies, developmental instruction, and vision and nutrition services. They are delivered in the child’s natural environment, which is typically at home or at daycare. The experts at teli use their knowledge and creativity to specifically tailor services to each child based on available resources, equipping parents and caregivers to best support the child’s learning and behavior.

Early intervention services, like those provided at teli, are delivered through federally-funded programs at no charge to families.

Early learning is the foundation for future development. At teli, we come alongside families with education, therapies, support, and other strategies to help children and families thrive.

You’re the expert in your child. We’re the expert in early intervention. Let’s work together! Choose teli as your early intervention provider. Call us at 412-922-8322 or visit this resource for more information.

Did you know? teli is now an affiliate of The Children’s Institute of Pittsburgh. Read more here.

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