Early Intervention Services

teli Early Intervention services are designed to meet each individual child’s needs .

Occupational Therapy

  • Occupational Therapy (OT) focuses on activities that help children to develop the skills of everyday life like feeding and dressing which “occupy” a child’s day. For a child, their work is their play as they develop their abilities to explore their world and do things independently.
  • A teli Occupational Therapist will work with the family to address skills such as sensory motor processing , self- regulation, positioning, as well as fine motor activities that enable a child to use her index finger and thumb to grasp small things such as toys or bits of food.
  • Our therapists specialize in customized activities that are fun for the child to ensure a child is engaged to increase repetition and optimize their success.

Physical Therapy

  • Physical Therapy (PT) focuses on activities that help children learn to move in the natural sequence from lying flat to rolling, sitting, crawling and beyond. Improving muscle coordination and strength can help to prepare children for healthy physical activity in their everyday life.
  • A teli Physical Therapist will work with the family and child through an individualized exercise and treatment plan to improve motor skills as well as work to access the proper support for children with physical limitations, tailored to their natural environment.
  • Our staff uses innovative and effective treatments and techniques to help your child realize their potential and educate parents to support their child’s progress.

Speech/Language Therapy

  • Speech/ Language Therapy can help children develop and improve their communication abilities.
  • A teli Speech/ Language Therapist will work with the child to decrease frustration and improve social interaction by incorporating purposeful play therapy into the family’s daily routine to encourage communication.
  • In conjunction with other therapists such as OT and the Developmental therapist, feeding issues are addressed as a team, based on the needs of the child.

Social Work Services

  • Social Work Services can support families to meet the overall needs of their child while receiving Early Childhood Intervention services. Services are focused on both the child and family, to help promote positive child development and family functioning.
  • A teli Licensed Social Worker will provide assessment and intervention in the areas of child development, attachment/bonding, mental health issues, coping with family and life stressors.
  • Our Social Work Services can assist in accessing community resources and agencies, in addition to supporting a family coping with life events such as trauma, domestic violence and postpartum depression.

Vision Services

  • Vision Services help children and their families learn to make accommodations and adaptations so that the child can maximize their use of his/her functional vision.
  • A teli Teacher of the Vision Impaired works with the family so they can help their child fully participate in family activities in the home and in the community.
  • Vision Services assist families with the identification of resources available to their child to assist them to reach their full potential.

Hearing Services

  • Hearing Services will provide the family with specific strategies to help the child learn to orient to their environment and discriminate environmental sounds and speech sounds.
  • Hearing Services can help children and their families explore potential therapies to support the family in their understanding and management of all available options.
  • A teli Teacher of the Hearing Impaired will assist the family to develop strategies to enable the child to fully participate in family activities in the home and in the community.

Nutrition Services

  • Nutrition Services helps to insure that a child’s nutritional needs are being met to support proper development with recommendations specific to the child based on their unique needs and requirements.

Developmental Instruction

  • Developmental Therapy focuses on a holistic assessment of the learning and attention skills that encourage a child’s cognitive development and improved social interaction.
  • A Developmental Specialist works to assess and optimize the whole picture of a child’s development so they can build upon a child’s skills and interests while supporting the family in the process.