Early Intervention Services in Allegheny County

Early Intervention Services for Children: Birth to age 3

An independent evaluation must be completed prior to beginning Early Intervention Services through a provider such as teli.

Here are the steps to choose teli as your Early Intervention Service provider:

Step 1: Call the Alliance for Infants and Toddlers at 412-885-6000 and they will help you to determine whether your child needs a developmental assessment.

Step 2: An evaluation is performed by the Alliance for Infants and Toddlers as well as identification of services required such as Physical / Occupational Therapy or other early intervention therapies, as well as the necessary information to choose teli for your child’s developmental services.

Step 3: Choose teli for Early Intervention Services when your Service Coordinator asks your preference – and even if he/she doesn’t – choose teli to begin your relationship with a dedicated staff of professionals, prepared to help your child reach their fullest potential!



Childhood Development Delay services for Children 3 to 5

  • Within the city of Pittsburgh, the Pittsburgh Public Schools provide Early Childhood Education
  • Within Allegheny County the  Allegheny Intermediate Unit provides support for  children with developmental delays above 3 years of age through two key programs:
    • Discovery, Assessment, Referral and Tracking (DART) for children with a developmental delay
    • Early Behavioral Intensive Intervention ( EBII) for children with a  diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder

**If you live outside of Allegheny and/or Washington County please go to our Contact Form and provide your zip code so we can direct you to the correct resource.

Your Child… Your Choice…. Prefer Early Intervention Services provided by teli through your Private Health Care Plan?

Some of teli’s families prefer to access teli’s outpatient rehabilitation services through their private health care plan.  Just a few reasons you may wish to consider this option:

  • If your child has undergone an assessment and funding has been denied or federally funded service has been exhausted.
  • You would prefer to work directly with teli.

We can help you… Contact us or Call us 412-922-8322