Early Intervention Services in Washington County

Early Intervention Services for Children: Birth to age 3

Choose teli to complete an independent Early Intervention evaluation in Washington County, PA.

Here are the steps to choose teli:

Step 1: Call Washington Communities Early Intervention Program at 724-225-6940 and ask about having your child evaluated.

Step 2: Choose teli to assess your child.

Please note that teli provides ONLY independent assessments in Washington County, PA.

Childhood Development Delay Services for Children 3 to 5

  • Contact the Early Intervention Supervisor at 1-800-328-6481 or 724-938-3241
  • Head Start Resources available at 1-877-814-0788 or 724-225-9100



**If you live outside of Allegheny and Washington County please go to our Contact Form and provide your zip code so we can direct you to the correct resource.