How To Get Help with Early Intervention

teli Early Intervention Services are available to your child!
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Early Intervention Services for childhood developmental delays are available through federally funded programs, at no cost to you!

teli can help you through the process to access Early Intervention services based on where you live.

Allegheny County

What is the process to receive Early Intervention Services for Children?
An independent evaluation must be completed prior to beginning Early Intervention Services through a provider such as The Early Learning Institute (teli).

Here are the steps to choose teli as your Early Intervention Service provider:

Step 1: Call the Alliance for Infants and Toddlers at 412-885-6000 and they will help you to determine whether your child needs a developmental assessment.

Step 2: An evaluation is performed by the Alliance for Infants and Toddlers which will identify what services your child might need, such as Physical, Speech or Occupational Therapy or other early intervention services. Once they approve your child for services, you will be asked to choose a provider of those services.

Step 3: Choose teli for Early Intervention Services when your Service Coordinator asks your preference – and even if he/she doesn’t – make sure you tell your Services Coordinator that you choose teli because you are ready to begin your relationship with a dedicated staff of professionals, prepared to help your child reach their fullest potential!

We can help you… Call us at 412-420-2400 with questions.

Washington County

Early Intervention Services for Children: Birth to age 3
Choose teli to complete an independent Early Intervention evaluation in Washington County, PA.

Here are the steps to choose teli:

Step 1: Call Washington County Behavioral Health and Developmental Services at 724-228-6832 for Early Intervention.

Step 2: Choose teli to assess your child.

Ask for teli to evaluate your child!

Please note that teli provides ONLY independent assessments in Washington County, PA.


**If you live outside of Allegheny and Washington County please go to our Contact Form and provide your zip code so we can direct you to the correct resource.