Hats Off to the Class of 2014!!

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Laura Andreola
Graduation season is upon us! Caps and gowns are tossed high symbolizing achievement! teli  would like to recognize that special time for one of their own and draw attention to the impact that early assessment and early intervention can make!

Laura Andreola is a typical 18 year old, a graduating senior who played volley ball, threw javelin and was a member of the marching band. She will be entering Duquesne University in the fall to study chemistry with a scholarship in hand.

However, her journey has been anything but typical! Her mother was concerned when she was not sitting up at 9 months and her pediatrician suggested she be evaluated. Based on recommendations from friends, she chose teli for her Early Intervention care. Laura received occupational therapy and physical therapy from the teli staff who worked with both child and family to help Laura master milestones over the next few years.

Laura fondly remembers teli therapists, Rose McNeilly (Pediatric Occupational Therapist) and Kay Donovan (Pediatric Physical Therapist), and their trips to the local playground for their sessions during which they walked through how to use the equipment in a manner modified to meet her needs. Rose and Kay are still members of the teli staff today, providing the early intervention therapy support that enabled Laura to begin to achieve developmental milestones consistent with her peers despite not being able to walk until age 2.

Laura continued to develop and grow to achieve what she has today and received the Outstanding Alumni Award from teli in 2009. Her mother advises parents if you see that something just isn’t “right”, get a referral to the Alliance and be evaluated. “Don’t fear the labels- they’ll happen regardless. The labels will help them get the help they need and achieve their goals.”  This advice comes with extensive experience with Laura as well as two other siblings who also required services from teli. Early assessment and subsequent early intervention services from teli can provide the foundation for families and their children to realize their dreams.  Hats off to Laura and her family on her high school graduation!

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