How Arts & Crafts Can Be a Fun and Beneficial Early Intervention Activity

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Mom creating fall crafts with young children, toddler and baby-age.

Bright colors. Different textures. Interesting materials.

Arts and crafts time for young children inspires creative expression – and so much more.

The early intervention experts at teli encourage arts and crafts time because it:
• develops fine motor dexterity and coordination,
• provides socialization and language opportunities, and
• promotes following directions and paying attention to tasks.

Exposing a young child to different tools and materials fosters preschool readiness, sensory exploration, and tolerance for different textures.

Babies as young as 5-7 months can benefit from watching you draw or color. Using non-toxic paints to make your child’s hand or footprints provides a variety of sensory opportunities.

Before their first birthday, babies who have mastered a fisted grasp can start to “color” by making marks on paper. Spontaneous scribbling with crayons, markers, and paints soon follows.

Applying stickers, folding paper, gluing objects, and using child-friendly scissors help toddlers to master pre-writing skills. Stringing beads and lacing improve eye-hand coordination and build the pincer grip (grasping with the index finger and thumb).

Even though it’s all about the process, not the final product, many projects that toddlers create make perfect gifts for family and friends. A child’s self-esteem grows when they see loved ones displaying their work.

Creating arts and crafts is just one of many child learning activities. Look to teli for a variety of helpful early intervention activities for parents. Our early intervention services have been helping families with children ages 0-3 for more than 60 years.

You can select your early intervention provider – choose teli.

Did you know? teli is now an affiliate of The Children’s Institute of Pittsburgh. Read more here.

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