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Are you concerned about your child’s behavior?  Typically, children may act out when they are stressed or scared, however if the behavior is extreme and occurring frequently something else might be

At teli, we work with many children with developmental delays from birth to adolescence and in some cases, encounter childhood behavioral management challenges.  While the preschool years seem like an early age to see behavioral health issues, symptoms may occur this early and remain undiagnosed for years. Many times, the behavior being attributed to a child being” difficult”. Acting quickly to have a child evaluated is an important first step toward understanding the difference between the “terrible two’s” other issues.

Who would teli recommend as a resource for to help you get the answers you need?

teli’s resource to help parents with services that include evaluation as well as support for early childhood behavior concerns. Allegheny Children’s Institute, a subsidiary of the Partners for Quality is a key partner to support the management of children with behavioral concerns. The Allegheny Children’s Initiative (ACI) was established in 1993 to provide psychological evaluations, and behavioral and mental health oriented therapeutic services for children and adolescents between the ages of 2 – 21 who needed assistance beyond the traditional array of services.

What services does Allegheny Children’s Initiative provide?

ACI offers services for children with behavioral health concerns and their families to work through their challenges in their community and environment with their family. Behavioral Health services are provided in the home, community or school setting. “At ACI, family centered care is at the core of our efforts. We try to meet the children and the families where they are, in their environment inside or outside of the home.” Explains Bobbi Reidenbach, Executive Director of ACI   “Children may need help adjusting to their day care or school routine.”

To support families, ACI has a team of experienced social workers and counselors assess the child’s needs and develop a plan with strategies  for teachers, day care workers  and other professionals, to  help the child  adjust to different settings and situations.  Helping the child understand appropriate behaviors such as sitting still and focusing, can make a big difference in their ability to learn and build social relationships now and in the future.

Addressing childhood behavioral health challenges can be difficult for all involved.  Seeking the support of professionals, such as ACI to guide you through the process can provide an immense sense of relief and comfort for the parent. Ultimately the support can make an important life changing impact not only on the child, but the entire family.

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