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teli supports the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) in reinforcing the importance of early intervention, diagnosis and treatment for children with hearing loss and speech/language disorders.  With more than 5 million children in the United States with a speech, language or hearing disorder, the impact on the future learning potential and social development of these children is enormous. New research shows a strong connection between children’s ability to speak and developing written language and reading skills.

The reason is clear. Early diagnosis and early intervention therapies for better hearing and speech in children (beginning as early at 3-6 months of age) are often able to develop language skills on par with their hearing peers. (National Center for Hearing Assessment and Management)
Are you concerned about your child’s hearing and speech progress but not sure how to recognize the signs?

teli can help… teli has been helping  parents to identify challenges and provide solutions and support for children with speech and  hearing  issues for more than 50 years.

Here are some things to look for:
Symptoms of speech disorders:

  • Stuttering
  • Pronunciation problems (“wabbit” instead of “rabbit”)
  • Slow vocabulary development, grammar and concepts
  • Voice disorders (nasal, breathy or hoarse vocal quality or speech that is too low or too high)

Symptoms of hearing disorders:

  • Inconsistently responding to sound
  • Delayed language and speech development
  • Unclear speech
  • Does not follow directions
  • Does not respond when called

If you are seeing these signs in your child, contact teli! Our staff of speech and language pathologists has extensive experience in helping children with hearing and speech developmental concerns.   Our devoted staff provides innovative early intervention hearing and speech therapy tailored to your child’s specific needs and works with the entire family to support both them and the child. Call teli today @ 412-922-8322.

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