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teli for parents resourceWondering about your child’s development? teli is excited to introduce our new online resource “For Parents”.  With over 60 years of experience in Early Intervention, parents have often shared their concerns with our staff.   Our experts have gathered the answers to some of the most common questions to share with you, such as “How can I make mealtime less of a struggle?” or “How do I deal with tantrums?”.

You will also find information on developmental milestones by age to help you understand what skills your child will be mastering at what age, and in turn when you should get help. Finally, we have categorized all of our resources by subject matter, so you can easily find the topic that interests you like behavioral or sensory concerns, speech, motor skills, sleep issues or feeding challenges.

So take some time to explore teli’s new online resource For Parents. We think you will find it very helpful! And as always, feel free to give teli a call at 412-922-8322 if you have any questions about Early Intervention.

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