Outpatient Speech Therapy

Outpatient Speech Therapy for Children & Adolescents

Are people telling you that they can’t understand what your child is saying?

Have you been told “Don’t worry, they ‘ll outgrow it “and they don’t?

Does your child ask you to repeat what you said to them?

Does your child pronounce words differently than other children his/her age such as “tat” for “cat” or “dodee” for “doggie”

Does your child have difficulty remembering simple directions?

Does your child drop off letters in words such as “amp“ for “lamp” or “buh” for ”bus”

Sound familiar? teli Outpatient Pediatric Speech Therapy Can Help

teli’s Outpatient Rehabilitation Services include Pediatric Speech therapy which builds on the years of teli’s experience in caring for children one on one. Every child or adolescent has their own story and enormous potential.  If you child has difficulty expressing themselves or is unable to pronounce sounds clearly, a teli speech therapists can help! teli’s Pediatric Speech therapists  work with children and their families to tailor their therapy based on the child’s unique needs.

teli’s Pediatric  Outpatient  Rehabilitation services provide personalized support whether your child is transitioning out of Early Intervention or attending elementary school and experiencing  delays or other challenges.  Our teli staff is skilled at assessing and providing the proper care plan to help families and their children be successful.

What exactly does an Outpatient Pediatric Speech Therapist do?

Speech Therapists work with children on a variety of issues related to speech and language.  An ability to communicate and be understood is central to our interactions with others. For children with speech and language delays, expressing themselves through sounds and words may be a challenge.

As a key component of teli’s Pediatric Outpatient Rehabilitation Services, Speech and Language Therapists help children move from frustration to stimulating language development integrated with play.  Our Pediatric Speech Therapists incorporate a wide range of specially designed speech and language therapy techniques to make learning and practicing fun and help the whole family support a child’s success.

Some examples of the types of challenges Pediatric Speech Therapy can address include:

  • Articulation and intelligibility
  • Assistive / technology and augmentative communication
  • Auditory processing: interpreting information one hears
  • Expressive language: communicating through words, gestures and/or alternative methods
  • Oral motor for talking
  • Receptive language: comprehending and understanding others
  • Fluency/stuttering

How can teli help?

Help is as easy as a phone call away! Call 412-922-8322 x10 today to make an appointment! 

We accept most insurance plans and have openings with no waiting lists at our two convenient  Pediatric Outpatient Rehabilitation Pittsburgh locations:

teli/ Main Office:
2510 Baldwick Road
Pittsburgh PA 15205
Greentree/ Crafton Area
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teli/ South Hills:
110 Fort Couch Road
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Near South Hills Village Mall
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How Can We Help You?

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