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Learning that your child may have developmental delays can be devastating! When parents are faced with this challenge, they often feel very isolated and alone, not sure where to turn.   Finding the right resource is essential so you can help your child through this difficult time. Researching scary behaviors such as speech and language delays or diagnoses and syndromes that you can’t even spell, can be overwhelming. Early Intervention can make an enormous difference in the life of your child but finding reputable early intervention resources is often very difficult.

There is hope!! teli can provide that safe trustworthy resource for  you and your child.  In addition to providing Early Intervention Services, teli has developed a number of resources to help parents navigate the world of childhood development delays, sourced from real life experience; our families and our therapists.  Explore these links to better understand how together, you and teli can help your child!

teli Quick Reference on Early Childhood Intervention:

Why Early Childhood Intervention?
Understanding Your Child’s Developmental Stages
What are Early Intervention Services?
How do I access teli Early Intervention Services?
Why teli for Early Intervention?
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teli Early Intervention Conversations & Sharing

Our families and therapists share helpful articles and provide informative dialogue through the following teli Early Intervention online channels:

teli Therapist Resource Pages: At teli, our therapists are devoted to insuring Early Intervention becomes part of a child’s daily life on their way to reach their true potential. They have helped numerous children and their parents integrate their child’s Early Intervention therapy into daily family activities.

For a quick reference, our teli professionals have developed a wealth of brief and easy to read  articles for parents.  From holiday traditions to changes in the season, that we believe you will find helpful.  Be sure to bookmark these pages  and check back frequently – we are adding more articles all the time!

THE Early Intervention teli BLOG: Often parents might just want some reassurance on a child development issue or understand how other parents are handling certain challenges. We have established the Early Intervention teli BLOG as a parent resource.

Our intention with the teli blog is to provide informative, useful content that will help parents sort through their questions, as well as provide perspectives on any topic of interest… be it feeding successes, behavioral suggestions, resource options… whatever… we welcome conversation, your comments, suggestions, input and feedback!

teli Facebook Page: Check out our teli Facebook Page to become a part of the teli community and learn what is new at teli, our success stories, our advocacy on your child’s behalf and more. See how teli can help.

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teli provides therapeutic Early Intervention for children birth to 3. We're here to help every child reach their potential! Early Intervention