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Finding the right resource is essential when you have questions about your child’s development. Researching scary behaviors such as speech and language delays or diagnoses and syndromes that you can’t even spell, can be overwhelming.

But there is help!  teli’s years of experience helping children through Early Intervention enables us to provide that safe trustworthy source for you and your child.  teli has developed  the resources listed below to help parents navigate  questions around childhood development delays, sourced from real life experience; our families and our therapists. But we don’t stop there! As your choice of Early Intervention services, teli, can provide the necessary support to get help for your child!

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Understanding Your Child’s Developmental Stages

Not sure what types of behaviors you should be looking for at a certain age? To help you answer these questions, teli has complied guidelines by age from the leading sources in child development as well as their 60+ years of experience in the care of children with developmental delays.
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Child Developmental FAQ’s

Learn what to look for by reviewing a list of Child Development Concerns developed by our teli therapists based on their years of experience with children, just like your son or daughter.
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Child Learning Activities

Our teli therapists have gathered activities and suggestions that address some of the most typical concerns parents have about their child.
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