Developmental Therapy at the Grocery Store

teli Quick Tips – Child Developmental Therapy at the Grocery Store!

teli Quick Tips - Developmental Therapy at the Grocery Store!1. Make a list. (This will help you be organized and will help keep the trip shorter.)

2. Prepare your child a head of time by saying things like today we are going to the store and we are going to buy eggs, bread, etc. If your child is a visual learner take pictures of the stores you visit and some of the items you buy. Make a story with the pictures and read it to your child before going to the store.

3. Pack a goody bag with healthy snacks, books, small cars or trains, etc. Switching what you have in the bag once in a while may help toddlers pay attention to the items in the bag for longer periods of time.

4. If you can, let them be a helper. Let them hold the cereal or carry the crackers.

5. Make it a learning experience. “Look this box is red, see if you can find something red.” You can also increase vocabulary by naming items they may not always eat or see while you shop.

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Contributed by Kelley Filson, Developmental Therapist