Child Developmental Hide and Seek Activity

Developmental Therapy - Hide and Seek PairsDevelopmental Therapy – Hide and Seek Pairs

Gather pairs of objects — they can range in size and easy to spot colors according to your child’s ability. Larger animals, shoes, kitchen plastic cups or wooden spoons, etc. – are some ideas to try.

You may want to have hidden one of the pairs of each object beforehand.
Show the child one of the objects and explain that the two of you will be looking for another one that looks just like this one. Help the child to notice the color, texture, and shape of each object.

After successfully finding the first object, the child can look for the remaining matching objects. This game helps build visual discrimination and visual memory.

Compliments of teli’s Developmental Specialist Lynne Kolodziej

PLEASE NOTE: As a means of stopping the spread of the Coronavirus, please remember that social distancing should be practiced, and any activities noted should occur only in the home with your immediate family. At this time any mention of play dates or interaction with other children is NOT RECOMMENDED.