Activities to Increase Child Speech Development

Teli - Fun Activities to Increase Speech DevelopmentFun Activities to Increase Your Child’s Speech Development!

1) Practice blowing bubbles-easily done in or outside.

2) Whistles, kazoos and party noisemakers give instant gratification while practicing mouth and tongue movement.

3) Switch from sippy cups to straws. This can really help decrease drooling and make eating out in restaurants easier.

4) Engage in pretend play and have a birthday party. Sing the birthday song and have your little one “blow” the candles out.

5) Take straws and “race” feathers or cotton balls across the table.

6) Make funny faces at each other or in the mirror when getting ready for bed.

7) Take yogurt, applesauce or pudding and smear it on the outer edges of your child’s lips. Get him/her to lick it o to increase tongue movement.
Terri Chase, Speech Therapy for Children

Compliments of teli’s Speech Language Pathologist Teri Chase