Carving a Pumpkin – a child physical therapy activity!

It is time to turn that specially picked pumpkin into a Jack-o-lantern! A teli physical therapist provides some ideas to include your child in the process!
Pumpkin carving activities that your child can enjoy safely!

By Jeannine Moyer, teli Physical Therapist
While most of the work of carving a pumpkin is left to the adult, young children can participate in part of the process. Here are some ideas:

  • Painting a pumpkin is a great safe alternative. If you carry out this activity on the floor, your child can practice squatting (excellent for leg strength, flexibility, and balance).
  • Scooping out the seeds (which will require weight shifting and hand-eye coordination).
  • After you cut the shape, your child can poke out the pieces, which may involve isolating their index finger and using the intrinsic muscles of the hand to push it through.
  • Helping to clean up can use additional motor skills such as standing up from the floor and aiming the balled up newspaper into the waste basket.