teli Quick Tips: Helping your Child Sleep

teli Quick Tips - Helping Your Child Sleep1. Develop a short bedtime routine of 4-6 steps that you can do with your child every night before bedtime. For example – drink a glass/bottle of milk, brush teeth, put on pajamas, read a story, and give kisses goodnight.

2. Be consistent! Do the same bedtime routine in the same order every night. If another family member or babysitter puts your child to bed, make sure they know the routine too.

3. Know your child’s signs. As soon as your child shows he/she is tired (yawning, rubbing eyes, glazed eyes, etc.) start the bedtime routine. This is often between 7:00p and 8:30p for toddlers.

4. A warm bath with lavender soap can be calming for some children. If baths tend to wake your child up or excite them rather than calm them, keep bath-time to mornings or afternoons.

5. Try dimming the lights or turning off some lights around the house to get your child’s body ready for sleep.

6. Turn off the TV, iPad, or other electronics at least an hour before your child’s bedtime.

7. If your child has a snack before bedtime, make sure to eliminate anything with caffeine such as chocolate or soda.

8. If your child is over 1 years old, you can introduce a small stuffed animal or think blanket for them to cuddle with at night.

Compliments of teli’s Developmental Therapist Kendra Szpila