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Looking for answers to questions about your child’s development that might be troubling you? You have come to the right place!

Your child’s development is unique to your child and yes, every child progresses at their own rate.  Developmental Milestones provide a guide, so you know if your child is on track or may be experiencing developmental delays.

You know your child better than anyone and sometimes you see things that might just not seem right. Perhaps your family or a close friend has mentioned something to you concerning your child’s behavior.   While it may be difficult to hear, there is help and lots of hope! Taking that first step to discuss your concerns with your health provider early in the process is vitally important.  And the next step, Early Intervention Services, are available at no cost to you to help your child.

To assist you, teli therapists have identified specific things to look for and questions you may have. Explore the following categories to find the answers you need:

Early Intervention Therapy for Toddler Feeding Problems

Feeding Challenges & Early Intervention

Does your child appear to struggle with feeding? Eating is a complex activity that requires coordination of both cognitive and motor skills. These same skills are also important in creating the foundation for language development.
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Child Behavior Concerns & Early Intervention

Is your child’s behavior just a phase or something more? Just like us, a child’s behavior can be complicated and ever changing with their environment. Understanding whether there is a core issue or just a passing phase is the challenge.
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early intervention and motor skills-movement

Motor Skills & Movement Difficulties & Early Intervention

Physical movement takes a great deal of coordination for a young child!  A child must figure out how to alternate the movement of their arms and legs to crawl.  Pulling themselves up for the first time is a great deal of work as they build strength in their small muscles!   While at first, movement may seem awkward, over time the large muscle movements ( gross motor) to small muscle movement ( fine motor skills)  enable toddlers learn as they explore their environment.
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story time

Language & Speech Concerns & Early Intervention

Learning a language takes time, and children vary in how quickly they master milestones in language and speech development.  Often children may have trouble with some sounds, words, and sentences while they are learning.  However, there are a variety of resources available through Early Intervention that can support a child who is having difficulties.
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child eye-close-up

Sensory Challenges & Early Intervention

Is your child misbehaving or is it something more?  In some incidences, if sensory issues are present, the behavior may the way in which a child reacts to their environment. Sensory processing disorder can be very complex and very individualized based on the child. For children with this diagnosis, Early Intervention provides a valuable resource for parents in helping their children.
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Sleeping Issues & Early Intervention

Sleep is essential for everyone adults and children alike. Without the necessary rest, we can all become irritable and not think clearly. For a child, specifically in their first 3 years of life, getting restful sleep is that much more important as they build the cognitive skills that serve as the foundation for a lifetime of learning.  But for parents, sometimes, getting your child ready for a nap or a night’s sleep can be challenging.
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How Do I Get Help?

Learn more about Early Intervention and the impact it can make on your child’s future!