Kristen Lang, Speech Language Pathologist

Kristen Lang, Speech Therapy for Children

  • Kristen has a passion for addressing the needs of toddlers, specifically with Autism, Down Syndrome and Childhood speech issues. She graduated from Penn State University with a BS in Communication Disorders and a Masters Degree from the University of Pittsburgh in Communication Science Disorders. With 13 years of Early Intervention experience, Kristen has worked in a variety of school settings and developed expertise in working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Down’s Syndrome, motor planning speech disorders and childhood developmental delays.
  • Kristen collaborated with PAEYC and Fred Rogers Center on Digital Media Literacy Project.
    • We love Kristen – she is fabulous! Both of my sons have had the pleasure of having Kristen Lang as their speech therapist and they both had excellent experiences with her.”
    • “My son loved Kristen and was happy to see her all the time. We will really miss her as we transition to  DART”’
    • “Kristen was very professional and very knowledgeable on solutions.  Good chemistry between my son and therapist.  We are sad to have the therapy ending.  She was wonderful.”
  • Kristen’s Early Intervention Reward: “There are many things to love about the power of   Early Intervention. A few of my favorites include watching a parent jump up and down when their child initiates a word for the first time, or seeing a child smile and laugh when they realize their own voice made something  great happen. Providing families with helpful strategies to use with their child on a daily basis is extremely rewarding.”

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