Amanda Wysocki, Hearing Specialist


Amanda brings to teli her experience and insight into childhood hearing disorders and the necessary treatment to be helpful to children early in the process in order for each child to achieve their greatest potential.  Amanda has a Bachelor of Science from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in Education for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Persons K-12. Additionally, Amanda studied at the University of San Diego in the John Tracy Graduate Program and received a Master’s in Science with a Deaf and Hard of Hearing emphasis.   The John Tracy Clinic is renown in the industry for parent centered care, providing rigorous training to educate young children with hearing loss with a focus on auditory- verbal spoken language skill development. Through this experience Amanda has been able to teach language listening, speech and cognition to students with hearing loss from birth to age 22.


“You have become an integral part of our lives, a continuous blessing in our unconventional journey. So many times, you helped us and led us when we struggled, encouraged us when we needed it most, listened so patiently, understood more than we could ever ask for, sacrificed your time and yourself, shown kindness and cared so very much! Thank you for making such a difference in our lives!”

“I hope and pray that you continue to touch the lives of children just like you have touched ours. Thank you so much for your help and your support!”


“I have spent my entire life interacting with young children and have discovered that those relationships are what drives me!  There is nothing more beautiful than the mind of a young child! They bring curiosity, love, excitement, imagination and knowledge to everyone they touch. Becoming a teacher to inspire the minds of children has been truly the opportunity of a lifetime!  I believe that reaching a child early in a safe environment that promotes hope through a partnership with parents to educate, empower and guide them through their child’s development, is something I couldn’t be happier to be doing!”