Diane Wolfe, Speech Language Pathologist

Diane Wolfe, Speech Language Pathologist

Diane is a graduate of the University of Tennessee with a Masters Degree in Speech Pathology from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.  Through her many years of providing therapy to children and their families, Diane has developed a specific focus in the area of early language development.  Her experience in the pre- school program helps her to truly understand the transition for children with developmental delays and the means to make that transition as easy as possible.


“Diane is exceptional. We are so happy with our daughter’s progress.”

 “I can’t even begin to give enough praise that Diane deserves.  With my son being our oldest child, and never having received services before, we were slightly hesitant when our pediatrician made the suggestion to start speech therapy.  In hindsight, it was the best decision we could have made for our son.  Diane has a real talent for working with toddlers.  She immediately was able to start building a positive rapport with him that has continued to grow stronger, thus facilitating the most effective sessions possible.  Our son is dedicated to working hard for Diane and she has worked very hard to teach him many things, including beautiful vowel sounds!  We are sad for our son to turn three and to transition out of teli’s services.  We will speak highly of teli’s services and recommend it to anyone in need.  We are grateful to Diane for her kind help and thoughtful advice throughout this journey to help our son.  She is truly a blessing in our lives.  She not only has helped our son, but she also helped us parents to understand our son’s needs.  Our deepest gratitude.”


“Being able to work so closely with families.”