Kelly Beddall, Speech Language Pathologist

Kelly Beddall, Speech Language Pathologist

Kelly graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a Bachelors of Arts in Communication Sciences and Disorders to begin her work in Speech Therapy.  She then earned a Masters in Speech and Language Pathology from the University of Memphis and ASHA Certifications.

Kelly has had experience working with culturally diverse populations through an Office of Special Education Program Grant.  Working with interpreters, Kelly was able to understand and evaluate children for whom their first language may not have been English.  Through this effort, Kelly identified delays that were not linked to learning a second language, but instead associated with the child’s delayed speech and language development. Ultimately, she was able to provide the child with the appropriate speech therapy based on their needs.


“I love Early Intervention because I am a kid at heart!  It n brings me such joy to be greeted by a smiling enthusiastic little face at the start of each session and seeing caregiver’s reactions when their little one does something new or meets a goal.”


“How can we ever thank you enough for the progress our child has made from your weekly visits? Because of you, he has learned that talking makes fun things happen! We will talk about you forever and he will always remember “Kelly’s Song” – “Mr. Sun!”