Kristi Keele, Speech Language Pathologist

Kristi joined teli after extensive Early Intervention experience performing evaluations in Allegheny County as well as working with children in the area of language development.  Kristi is a graduate of Duquesne University with a Master of Science in Speech Language Pathology.

Kristi additionally has outpatient experience with sensory based feeding in children with developmental needs which cross language as well as feeding challenges.  She has worked extensively in conjunction with Occupational Therapists to meet a child’s sensory needs in addition to speech.  A key component of Kristi’s efforts is to work closely with families to understand their needs and expectations for their child so that she can develop strategies that are consistent with their goals while supporting reinforcement outside of the clinic setting.


“Where do I even begin to thank you for being with our child? There are no words that can explain my gratitude when all of the therapists come in to the house. I didn’t’ think it would be so hard to say good bye. You are one of the people that helped bring our daughter to where she is today. There is nothing I can do or say or give. You are truly a remarkable person and we will never forget you!”


“I love showing families new ways to approach language in the child’s natural environment. Watching the joy on the parents and child’s face when they acquire a new skill is an extremely rewarding experience!”