Lynne Kolodziej, Developmental Specialist

Lynne graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a BS in Kindergarten and Elementary Education. With her experience as a Service Coordinator for the Alliance for Infants and Toddlers, Lynne has a very good sense of evaluating children with developmental delays and identifying the proper Early Intervention therapies to make a difference in the child’s life. Lynne has been with teli for 11 years working alongside families, helping them learn how to best support their child in their journey together.


 “ Lynne, you are a big inspiration for me ! I couldn’t be happier that someone like you came into our lives. My son is doing abc’s, colors, counting to twenty, knows every tool, train and the words to all kinds of songs. These past three months has just been so great for him.”


“ I love working with this age group because you often get to see growth and progress in a matter of weeks and months!”