An Early Intervention Success Story


A three year old that loves to play “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and the color green.


The joyous anticipation of Aditi’s birth was overwhelming for her family having just lost a child to a failed bone marrow transplant. During her final trimester, Sangeetha learned that her child had suffered a stroke in utero. When she was born in March of 2009, the doctors discovered that her daughter had a brain hemorrhage which raised a number of questions about her survival. After weeks in Children’s NICU, Aditi came home with hospice care and a mother determined to find resources for her young infant. Sangeetha learned about early childhood intervention and at four months of age, Aditi was connected to The Early Learning Institute (teli) through the Alliance for Infants and Toddlers.


Aditi began her Early Intervention therapy weekly with Physical therapist, Peggy Giesen and Occupational Therapist Rose McNeilly with more 35 years of experience between them. The stroke had weakened the right side of Aditi’s body, requiring intensive purposeful play activities to strengthen the right side of her body. Rose worked to help Aditi learn shapes to improve hand-eye coordination, much to Sangeetha’s amazement. “ I learned to trust my child that she could do it with their help”. Sangeetha worked with Rose and Peggy to learn how to help strengthen her daughter’s coordination and gross motor skills outside of therapy sessions to insure continuity of care and progress.

“The way they believe in your child is amazing! ” Without teli Aditi wouldn’t have come so far. They provide continuous guidance which is so important when you are dealing with so much. They work with Aditi as if she was their own child.”


Through teli’s early Intervention program, Aditi has worked on feeding herself, developing her fine and gross motor skills and recently began working on her speech. Rose says that Aditi’s cognitive skills have much improved with physical goals still within reach. Sangeetha is committed to early intervention and taking all the right steps at home to continue to help Aditi succeed.