The Bishoff Boys



Premature quadruplets required extensive Early Intervention supports from teli and are today thriving in middle school.

Quadruplets Jacob, Triston, Bryar, and Clayton are now 8 years of age and thriving in 2nd grade.  Their journey began with premature births and early intervention therapy, and for all four boys, that journey has been nothing short of amazing.


Planning for quadruplets, Jesse and Dawn, knew they had quite a life style change coming. Four times the diapers, four times the food, the clothing and more.  With the premature birth of the four boys at 26 weeks on Mother’s Day, they realized their plan was going to change drastically!  The boys ranging in weight from 1 pound 8 ounces to 2 pounds, remained in the NICU for the next few months. Four months later In August, Jacob was released then Triston, and Bryar and finally Clayton.  Happily, the Bishoff quadruplets were home, and a whole new experience awaited the family.


Multiple births often are premature and often have associated developmental childhood delays.  With the focus on medical care and extended NICU stays, the result is often developmental delays in children born prematurely. Getting much needed help with early intervention therapy can address the delays and enable the child achieve their full potential.

Prior to leaving the hospital, Jesse and Dawn learned about teli’searly intervention therapy  programs and were set up with the necessary services before any of the boys were released.  They all began receiving physical, occupational and speech and language therapies shortly after they came home from the hospital.  Dawn recalls seeing improvements in her son’s development on a regular basis and credits the teli therapists for helping the boys work hard to achieve the goals that they established with their teli physical, occupational and speech therapists.

The therapy was intense for their first three years of life, with teli therapists coming to the home five days a week.  “Our teli therapist always gave us feedback and would let us know if they felt one of the children would require more specialized care.” Jesse commented. “They were always open to questions and a great resource for connecting to other doctors and specialists.”


Now in 2nd grade, the Bishoff boys are engaging little boys, exploring all the things any boy of eight would be interested in pursuing.

Their interests range from Clayton’s focus on sports, particularly soccer and football, to Triston’s talents in arts and crafts, to Jacob’s love of cooking and Bryar’s attraction to swimming as well as soccer and football.  Building structures with Legos is also on the resume!  The impact of Early Intervention to get all four boys the resources and support they needed has produced some encouraging results.

As Jesse reflects, “All the boys are good students, always exploring new things through a love of reading, math and of course, gym! In fact, Jacob loves reading so much he is currently reading at a 5th grade level.”

The Bishoff family knows only too well of the importance of hard work on the part of their children in conjunction with the speech therapy, physical therapy, and occupational therapy provided by teli.   Their work has not ended , particularly for Triston. “His Cerebral Palsy  challenges  him on a daily basis to continue to work hard.” says  Jesse.  Additionally, Triston and Clayton continue to receive Speech Therapy.”

The encouraging story of the quadruplets is a testimony to the determination and hard work of the  boys and their family to address their hurdles with the  help of  teli early intervention therapy efforts.

“Everyone that came into our home was very friendly and professional; they shortly became a part of our family. They looked at our children as individuals and not as a whole, working with our children as to what their needs were, adjusting goals as necessary.  We would definitely recommend teli to other families.” Jesse, father of the Bishoff Boys.