Courtney & Vivian


An Early Intervention Success Story

Meet sisters Courtney & Vivian, facing enormous challenges from Spina Bifida and prematurity and the benefit of getting help with Early Intervention.


A typical 14 year old girl that loves nothing more than jamming to a favorite song and enjoying her favorite healthy snack.


Courtney was born prematurely at 24 weeks, weighing one and a half pounds with an uncertain future. Her young mother Kristen was afraid and unsure where to turn until teli therapists arrived.


Courtney’s care began with physical therapy and developmental therapy through teli therapists Anita Hall and Kay Donavon. They provided Courtney with much needed Early Invention to make a difference while at the same time helped Kristen with a much needed support system. “Within a couple of months she was able to sit up and then crawl and then walk within the year.” With continued determination by Courtney and her mom with guidance from Anita and Kay, Courtney reached her developmental goals at age 2 and a half years.. she had done it!


As a teen, Courtney enjoys all the things that you would expect a teenager to be involved in.. hanging out with friends, dancing to the latest song and enjoying time with her family.

Kristen still can’t believe the strides Courtney has made since her years at teli. “Therapy really made a huge difference in her life. I still see the affects today.”

Which leads us to the rest of the story…



Courtney’s little sister with a smile as big as all outdoors!


Nearly three years ago, Kristen made the decision to become a foster parent and adopted Vivian , a toddler with Spina Bifida. Vivian suffered from hydroencephalus (water on the brain) and after having undergone heart surgery at two months of age, and at four months had a feeding tube, Kristin knew exactly where to turn… Kay at teli. “ It was probably 10 years after Courtney had services, but I remembered and I asked for Kay specifically. Vivian receives physical, occupational, speech and developmental services on a weekly basis from teli therapists. “She is thriving and exceeding the doctors expectations.” She is talking, sitting up and crawling and her big sister is loving every minute.
Kristen continues to serve as a foster parent to other children and has a special place in her heart for children with special needs, knowing she can count on teli to help her.

“No matter what child I have or what their issues are, teli has always sent therapists who are good, friendly, able to work well with kids. They just do everything right. ”

Kristen is a true believer in Early Intervention:”The difference you can make in those first couple years is so critical”.. Just look at Vivian and Courtney to understand!