An Early Intervention Success Story


An engaging young toddler with a smile that is sure to steal your heart!


As a new Mom, Gina was not sure what to expect in regard to her daughter’s development, but felt that something just wasn’t right.  Teagan didn’t seem to be as mobile as other infants her age. At 6 months of age, Gina noticed that she had difficulty bearing weight on her legs. She shared her concerns with her pediatrician and they discussed the possibility of getting Teagan help through Early Intervention. After an evaluation, Teagan was approved for Early Intervention Services, the next step was choosing a provider.

“We chose teli and have never looked back.  It was a great fit, our therapist Patty Ross was so patient, so helpful and so comforting to Teagan as well as my husband and I.”


Patty Ross, a teli Physical Therapist worked with Teagan and her family at home to integrate the Early Intervention activities into their normal routine. Targeting  Teagan’s  abdominal and chest muscles in addition to her leg muscles, helped her learn to crawl and support her weight.  Gina and her husband continued to practice those exercises on a daily basis.  “This was the perfect example of how Early Intervention can work beautifully! Gina and Shawn were so diligent and attentive and it showed in Teagan’s progress,” reflected Patty.”  Outside the home Patty also worked with Teagan’s day care staff to insure the strengthening exercises continued while she was in day care.


Gina has been encouraged by Teagan’s progress as she has begun to achieve the developmental milestones that have now put her on par with her peers.

“Teagan began to crawl by her first birthday and was walking and standing with confidence by 16 months. We have come a long way from the tears at the beginning of her therapy! Early Intervention Services through teli has made an enormous difference in her abilities! I felt lost and scared at the beginning and you were there. I am so very grateful for your organization!”