An Early Intervention Success Story


Born with a cleft palate, speech was difficult for this toddler, today this preschooler has transformed into quite a chatterbox.


Joseph was born prematurely and was diagnosed with a sub-mucous cleft palate. The result was a significant impact on his ability to speak as well as the potential for other developmental delays. Joseph in fact had very limited verbal skills and communicated through gesturing and whining primarily. His parents recognized the challenges Joseph was having , were different than other children his age and reached out for Early Intervention help from teli.


teli Speech Therapist, Christine Large met Joseph and his family and immediately began working with the family to nurture his communication skills. Initially, Christine taught the family and Joseph, simple signs that he began to use with his parents and over time, transitioned to single spoken words. His mother was a key partner for Christine, implementing her suggestions weekly and insuring repetition to build confidence in Joseph. Soon Joseph began combining 2 words into short phrases, responding to questions for food and interacting comfortably with his older siblings.

teli gave my child the gift of communication”, Joseph’s mother said, “and for that I will always be grateful.”


Joseph is four years old and attends a specialized preschool for children with special needs and his parents are happy to report that he needs only minimal support. He speaks in complete sentences and has not problem expressing himself. In fact, his mother often needs to remind him to let others speak. Quite a difference from the little boy who couldn’t find his words!