An Early Intervention Success Story


Laura just finished her senior year in high school playing volley ball and a member of the marching band. It is hard to believe that Laura exhibited childhood developmental delays at 9 months of age and with the support of teli Early Intervention therapy, this “typical” teenager would achieve these goals.


Laura’s birth brought such joy to her parents! Everything was going beautifully, until Laura’s mother began to notice that when Laura was with other children her age, she was not doing the same things other children had mastered. Laura was having difficulty sitting up and controlling her movement.  Laura’s mother expressed her concern to her pediatrician who suggested Laura be evaluated. Based on recommendations from friends, she chose teli for her Early Intervention Therapy.


Laura received occupational therapy and physical therapy from the teli staff. She still remembers their trips to the local playground for their sessions during which they walked through how to use the equipment in a manner modified to meet her needs.  Early intervention therapy enabled Laura to begin to achieve developmental milestones consistent with her peers despite not being able to walk until age 2.


Laura continued to develop and grow to achieve what she has today, receiving the Outstanding Alumni Award from teli in 2009.   She is preparing for her next challenge, as a college freshman on a scholarship to study chemistry. Laura’s mother remembers her initial fears of her daughter’s developmental delays but she advises parents, “If you see that something just isn’t “right”, and you have concerns, get a referral to be evaluated. Don’t fear the labels – they’ll happen regardless. The labels will help them get the help they need and achieve their goals.”  This advice comes with extensive experience with Laura, as well as two other siblings who also required services from teli.  teli’s Early intervention therapies help children address their  challenges and  build their foundation for a bright future.

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