An Early Intervention Success Story


medically fragile premature infant received teli Early Intervention services to build strength and reach important milestones.

A four year old with an infectious giggle!


After a complication free pregnancy, Amy was terrified when her son Luke was born early at 28 weeks, without a heartbeat and not breathing. Doctors quickly resuscitated Luke and whisked him away to the NICU where he would spend the next 69 days. Ventilators, blood transfusions and IV nutrition framed Luke’s first few months of life. As he began to improve he was discharged to transitional care then home. These days were traumatic for Amy, as she monitored his heartbeat, managed his 24 hour a day oxygen needs, breathing treatments and meds overload. His physical development at that point was not her focus, however as he stabilized she noticed he wasn’t doing what other babies where doing like rolling over and moving his head. Amy enlisted the help of Kay, a physical therapist from teli and introduced her to Luke.


Kay started with small movements which initially would tax Luke’s breathing and require them to stop therapy after only 5 minutes. Amy remembered her fear,“Kay would talk to us and reassure us at these points and tell us it would be okay and we would move on from this. ” Then, step by step, the transformation really started to happen as Luke began to move more, turning his head side to side, rolling over onto his tummy and eventually sitting, crawling and walking.

”get to know you care takers and ask questions.. lots of them, that is why they are there.. to help you.”


Luke is now four years of age and is an active child, climbing and exploring like other children. “Amy would absolutely recommend teli because “the staff is very supportive and well educated.” Her experience through the process she describes as a rollercoaster with lots of ups and downs, but suggests that you ”get to know you care takers and ask questions.. lots of them, that is why they are there.. to help you.”